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Our Services
Victorious Living Christian Center of League City, TX   I   639 Smith Lane   I   League City, TX 77573   I   Phone: (281) 332-5599   I   Fax: (281) 332-0059   I   E-Mail:
In July of 1986, after returning from a Kenneth Hagin Camp meeting in Tulsa, Oklahoma, during a time of meditation, the Spirit of the Lord spoke
these words to Pastor Douglas: "Agape Christian Center - League City, Texas; Tuesday, Thursday, and Sunday”. Upon hearing these words, he
spent the next twenty-four hours pondering and reconfirming what he had heard, before finally accepting the call to establish the ministry.

Knowing only two families in League City, he secured their assistance in locating a place to have the Sunday and Tuesday services. On September
14, 1986, the first service was held at James Ross Elementary School in League City, and the Tuesday night Bible study (as it would be called for
the next several years) was held at the Countryside Civic Club meeting room. For the next eight months, these were the accommodations for
Agape Christian Center. The first service began with forty-four people present, and the church began to grow. With many confirmations, God
confirmed the call he had placed on Pastor Douglas' life.

Pastor Douglas began to teach the principles of faith and lay a foundation of expectancy in the people that gave us hope and victory in a difficult
world. As our faith grew, the ministry began to believe for a more permanent location for all of our services. In May of 1987, through a miracle of
God, we moved into the first two suites of a building at 200 Parker Ct, which would be our place of worship for the next fifteen years. Over the next
several years we leased three additional suites in the same complex to expand with the growth of the ministry. In July 1990, we purchased twenty
acres of prime land in League City, which we paid off in 1997 (Praise God)!

In May 1991, God spoke prophetically to us through a prophet of God concerning television and writing books. In August 1991, God set up a divine
appointment with Pastor Douglas, while he was in the Bahamas, with a publisher from the states that would publish his first two books Wealth
God's Way and Unity From A Black Perspective. Also, in September 1991, God miraculously enabled us to buy a television studio of television
equipment for $20,000, which enabled us to begin and continue for eleven years a local and national television ministry. Both of these sources of
media, including audiotapes, have been a blessing to many, as Pastor Douglas continued to teach victorious living.

In November of 1998, at the Prosperity Revival, God spoke to Pastor Douglas that it was time to build. On June 27, 1999, which was Pastor’s
birthday, a ground breaking was held for our new sanctuary, which would be called “Victory Manor”.
After fourteen years of ministry on the fourteenth day of September 2000, God spoke to Pastor Douglas to change the name of the ministry from
Agape Christian Center to Victorious Living Christian Center of League City, TX. After consulting with and receiving the blessing of his spiritual
father Dr. Leroy Thompson, the name was officially changed.

In December of 2000, plans were implemented to open a bookstore called “Victory Manna”. On New Years Day of 2001, those plans were realized.

On September 30, 2002, we moved to a temporary facility at 215 Newport Blvd, which would house our ministry for the next three and a half years.
During this time we developed new drawings to build a temporary sanctuary that would eventually be converted into our youth facility. In December
of 2003, we were given permission to begin clearing the property for construction. Nineteen months later on June 14, 2005, we held our first

Tuesday night service in our new sanctuary. On the ninetieth day of June, after nineteen years of ministry and nineteen months of construction, we
conducted our first Sunday Morning Service on Father’s Day. To God be the Glory!

During these nineteen years of ministry we have continued to minister to the needs of the people in prison, jail, youth detention centers, hospitals,
nursing homes, shelters and the local church. Our vision was and is to “Develop Victorious and Successful Servants through the Application of
Biblical Principles”. We continue to confess that if you walk through these doors one time, you will never be the same again.

Our history is still being written and our vision refined. We have confidence in our God and our leader Pastor Douglas. That’s why we know the Best
is yet to come.